• Made in collaboration with the fellow Digital Anthropologies researchers and practitioners, this intervention, titled The long poem of the space in between, served as an opportunity to recontextualize findings from my ongoing video research project Exploring the space in between, which I had been working on for about a year at the time. After filming intensely in the weeks preceding this intervention, I turned off the camera and computer in order to focus on the essential: the connection between us, her, him, it, me, the environment of our meeting place and the objects present in that environment. To this end, I also applied certain Games for Actors and Non-Actors from Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed. With the participants of the group residency, we explored the in-between space, that which stands between us, that which connects us to each other, that which connects us to the in-between space.

    Intervention in Digital Anthropologies, one-week group residency with exhibition and workshops, Paris Sonchamp August 2020, organised by Les Écrans de la Liberté in cooperation with SenseLab 3e