• What can I learn from a landscape? What are its processes? What are the processes of its human and non-human inhabitants? And what are my processes when I am in the landscape? What is going on when I walk through the landscape? How can the many insights a landscape holds be perceived and recorded?

    A landscape is defined by subjective perception. It is created by assigning the meaning of a landscape to it. I would like to start by exploring my own subjective perception of the landscape on site.

    The landscape of the Uckermark got its basic present form in the last ice age. Like all landscapes, it is connected with the history of the earth and possesses a temporality that reaches far beyond the temporality of human existence and human imagination. At the threshold between winter and spring, when I am there, many processes take place that have to do with this depth of time, the felt infinite past of the landscape in earth’s history.

    During my artist residency at Libken, I explored the landscape around the site. By foot and at a slow pace, I devoted my attention to it, using pencil and paper to record certain flows and processes. I researched in various libraries for more materials about these processes, take pictures with my camera, and collect objects that bear witness to past activities and practices in the area. A collage is created that combines my notes, images, and found objects.


    Collage, 12 collected objects, video, Full HD, sound, loop


    The Exhibition was part of the Libken Fest zur Eröffnung der Bibliothek in Libken e.V. in Böckenberg, Brandenburg.