• This artist’s book was created during the research for the video installation Parcours. It brings together many personal and less personal stories that did not make their ways into the videos of the installation: about parts of the conversations with the protagonists of the videos; about a visit underground with three miners in one of the last mines of the Ruhr region still open today; about other artistic practices from the region including those of Richard Serra and James Benning, among others. The stories are juxtaposed with abstract drawings and photos of mushrooms, which stand for the diversity of the stories that were collected in the region, and for the deep connection of the Ruhr region with the soil.

    Together with the video installation Parcours, this project was awarded the Prix Neumann des Beaux-Arts du Conseil Administratif de la Ville de Genève in 2013.


    artist book, photos, texts, drawings, color, 44 pages