• By hanging posters throughout the city, the filmmaker seeks to engage participants for a film about what it is like to feel at home- or not to feel at home. The film’s six protagonists have either migrated to Germany themselves or are children of people who have migrated to Germany. Their ways of life are therefore shaped by at least two worlds – the world they live in and the world they come from. Shot at locations throughout Berlin that were each chosen by the respective participants, this film attempts to figure out, through conversation, what it means to “feel at home” under these conditions. These exchanges are deliberately open-ended in order to leave room for the protagonists to focus and reflect on elements that are important to them, personally. Thus, the question of belonging – which tends to evade clear answers, particularly in realities shaped by migration – is dealt with and negotiated in many different ways.

    Video research project, Full HD video, colour, sound, 45 minutes, Berlin 2021
    Aissatou Friedrich
    Basma Rabeah
    Khalid Alshahari
    Leia Pontes-Dürr
    Sadaf Farahini

    Video stills