• Gazing out into the horizon, setting your eyes upon the edge of the world. This edge is not a fixed one, if you move it moves with you. Although it exists only in your perception, it governs it nevertheless and orients your movement through the world. It governs perception the same way the horizon point structures every other point in the perspectival image. The edge does not exist, yet it gives structure, it gives life.

    How can something so artificial be so elemental to the way we perceive natural life? What happens when edges disappear, when limits get eradicated? Does the lack of edges result in a continuous overflow, beings bleeding into one another? How do we orient ourselves without clear limits? What do we do when we don’t know where the sky begins and the where the world ends?


    Installation with video, plastic foil, fans and paper mâché, Berlin/Prague 2022
    in collaboration with Mila Hamp, Ava Simonds & Anna Zakelj


    The installation was shown on the art festival Pokoje in Prague.