• During two trips to the region and by researching archives in Bulgaria, Turkey and Germany, Janis Schroeder explored the Bulgarian-Turkish border landscape. For the photo and video project The European Border he created a collage of found and self-created images, texts and sound material. It is a personal geography of the region, which also critically examines his own perspective and privileges. (Excerpt of an exhibition text by Sigrun Drapatz)


    Video and photo research project, Full HD video, loop (9 min 43 sek), Collage, digital print on paper, drawings, journal entries, Bulgaria/Turkey/Germany 2021-2023



    Şehnaz Layıkel Prange: “AT THE BORDER”: Three Different Artistic Ways of Mapping a Border

    Janis Schroeder: Personal Geographies in the Bulgarian-Turkish Border Zone



    Exhibition Eine Europäische Grenze (Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, 14.9.-13.10.2023, Sofia)
    Exhibition At the border (SCOTTY, 25.2.-25.3.2023, Berlin)



    Exhibition in Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, Sofia



    Exhibition in SCOTTY, Berlin


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