• “J. Schroeder is interested here in river travel, and more specifically in the fact that it has enabled explorers and ethnographers to penetrate otherwise inaccessible lands. Like the ocean, the river is an essential component of the colonial conquest, with the difference that it is situated in the very heart of the unknown. This is what has notably nourished the dramaturgy of films such as Fitzcarraldo, Deliverance, or Apocalypse Now, where the thread of the river accompanies the narrative development of the film. By juxtaposing a selection of ethnographic archives […] with the experience of his own descent of the Rhône, Janis Lew Schroeder deals with the origins and persistence of discourses produced over centuries by the civilising West.“

    — Extract from an exhibition text by Gaël Grivet, for the exhibition Co-Working, Le Pneu, Vélodrome, Geneva


    Interview with Janis Schroeder – extract from the exhibition catalog of Shifting Baselines, LiveInYourHead, during the festival Histoire et Cité, Geneva 2019 (in French)
    video installation, Full HD, sound, loop